Virtual Healthcare Simulation

Virtual Healthcare Simulation provides flexible and low cost training while expanding the reach to participants locally, nationally and internationally using shared 3D environments. Scrubs3D is a leading Virtual Healthcare Simulation platform based on 20 years of 3D expertise. It acts as a basis for scenarios, training and research that help to reduce risks and improve quality of all practitioners involved in the medical field from emergency staff to social workers.

Immersive 3D Training Solution

From surveying the medical industry it is clear that there are 3 training solutions practioners are seeking, with each of these being overlaid on a core asset, a 3D building or 3D facility.

  1. Virtual Role Playing (Practicums) - allowing multiple staff and students to reenact scenarios in the 3D facilities
  2. 3D e-learning - a student interacting within the 3D facility and actions recorded in an LMS for assessment (Learning Management System)
  3. Remote Teaching - by experts, professors or teachers to distance learning students, using live voice and video streaming within the 3D building

The 3D building or facility asset can also benefit from other overlaid services such as occupational health & safety, maintenance, redevelopment, standard operating procedures (SOPs), on-boarding  of staff, patient familiarity, asset/equipment tracking , and community feedback.

Delivered in a Standard Web Browser

All of the above is delivered in a standard web browser using the ExitReality plugin to enable 3D. All the 3D content can be hosted on your own website just like webpages (nothing to do other than upload the 3D files). The 3D environments can be experienced on even low spec netbook computers over satellite or even dial-up internet connections. Scenarios will also work well through corporate firewalls.

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Role Playing

Teaching communication skills to healthcare professionals through role play and role modeling. Students can be presented with scenarios and work cooperatively in role-playing appropriate care.

Benefits of using 3D role-play to teach clin

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People generally remember 90% of what they do, but only 10% of what they read. True learning requires both knowledge and experience and this is where 3D e-learning delivers.

The benefits of 3D e-learning:

  • Greate
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Remote Teaching

Scrubs 3d is capable of delivering flexible and innovative training programs to students in remote areas or who are for some other reason unable to be physically present in the traditional education setting normally required for the training of

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