People generally remember 90% of what they do, but only 10% of what they read. True learning requires both knowledge and experience and this is where 3D e-learning delivers.

The benefits of 3D e-learning:

  • Greater engagement, which leads to greater learning retention.
  • It gives the student an advantage. 3D e-learning encourages students to develop critical thinking skills. They must address problems, take risks, experiment, and seek innovative solutions.
  • It provides the immediacy and realism of practical learning in a safe, risk-free and controlled environment.

Enhanced Memory Retention

  • 3D e-learning caters for the changing learning styles of today’s young people. It provides prompt feedback and allows the student to do more than one thing at once. Today’s young people are very visual. They are avid video game players and big consumers of visual mediums like movies and television. 3D e-learning uses stimulating and engaging environments, which can be a significant enhancement to any text learning.

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