Remote Teaching

Scrubs 3d is capable of delivering flexible and innovative training programs to students in remote areas or who are for some other reason unable to be physically present in the traditional education setting normally required for the training of health care professionals. Scrubs 3d brings together talented teachers and students from any location without the prohibitive costs of relocating permanently or temporarily for studies.

Remote Teaching accross North America

Using live voice technology and/or video conferencing in a virtual 3d environment allows students to interact and role play with none of the normal disadvantages of being remotely located.

Teachers and lecturers can monitor all aspects student activity during the simulation from any location in the world. Students can benefit from different expertise, perspectives and ideologies without the expense of transporting lecturers to remote locations.

  • positive experience for everyone
  • no relocation costs for studies/training
  • expert training
  • innovative and flexible ‘Role Play’ style training

Scrubs 3d training experience allows the crucial synchronous component of training which would be otherwise impossible for remote students and recognizes the importance of peer-to-peer interaction.

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